English communication through comics

ヨハナ 川崎2020.02.06

Today’s English communication class in 5D approached communication from a new angle. While we usually focus on students’ speaking abilities, we appreciated other means of communication today, by integrating reading, writing and drawing into our lesson.

First, we looked at English comic books from our library. Students were very enthusiastic to understand the meaning of the books in pairwork.









Then, we talked about the comic books that our students like to read.

After that, the students drew their own short comic strip on one sheet of paper. Some students drew their daily routine, others came up with funny pet stories or stories about children who lost their balloon in a tree. The descriptions and speech bubbles were written in English by our students.


At the end of the lesson, students mingled and showed their comics to their peers. They talked about the stories and gave each other verbal feedback.